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Golf & Country Club Management

Take advantage of Concert Golf’s industry knowledge to enhance your club’s golf operations and increase your membership roster.

The Muttontown Club | East Norwich, NY
The Muttontown Club | East Norwich, NY

Going Beyond Club Management

Concert Golf Partners is a well-capitalized boutique owner-operator of golf clubs nationwide. We provide clubs with financial security through our customized recapitalization process. Concert Golf is committed to funding capital projects to help clubs become and stay profitable. As an all-cash investor, we offer a unique approach to golf management, where clubs enjoy the benefits of our decades of golf expertise without paying any fees. We use our golf industry experience, research and technology to improve your golf course and play experience through regular course maintenance.

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The Limitations of Traditional Golf Management Companies

Traditional third-party golf management companies offer their services for a fee, taken from the club they are assisting While their guidance can be helpful in navigating forward, they are unable to solve the club’s debt problems and lack the necessary funds for improvements.

Clubs that choose this option often still require assessments of their members, which can lead to five to 10 percent of their membership base resigning. As a result, fewer members will have to pay more to cover the costs needed to revitalize the club.

In addition to financial challenges, traditional third-party golf management companies also struggle with lingering board governance issues. While board members have the club’s best interests in mind, they often lack the experience needed to manage daily club operations.

A Better Solution: Club Recapitalization with Concert Golf Partners

Concert Golf offers a better solution with club recapitalization, which secures continual capital reinvestment to improve and maintain all aspects of the club.

Our team has many years of experience managing clubs and courses with proven techniques to help clubs succeed. In addition to golf course restorations and enhancements, Concert Golf helps clubs manage everything from landscaping upkeep to membership quality.

Some benefits of recapitalizing with Concert Golf include:

  • Debt-free ownership
  • Funding for capital projects
  • No more member assessments
  • Increased membership
Blue Hill Country Club | Boston, MA

Case Study: Blue Hill Country Club in Boston, MA

Amid the Great Recession, Blue Hill Country Club struggled to retain members due to their rising annual dues. They initially looked to outside help from Troon Golf to help support the management of the club but found that this didn’t address their rising debt, and capital projects were deferred. In 2015, the club’s members voted in favor of recapitalizing with Concert Golf to preserve their 27 holes, pay off debt and fund $3 million in improvement projects.

Since recapitalizing, Blue Hill has seen its membership rise thanks to its new 19th-hole member lounge and a renovated clubhouse. The club also expanded its driving range and short-game practice area.


  • How does Concert Golf Partners approach country club management?
    Concert Golf offers a unique approach to country club management by keeping the club’s culture at the forefront. We create a member advisory board to represent the member base and help determine what projects to undertake. Since we’re an all-cash investor, we allocate our own money to preserve and enhance each of our clubs.
  • What sets Concert Golf Partners apart from other golf management companies?
    Concert Golf has a holistic hospitality approach that prioritizes all aspects of the club. While other golf management companies charge clubs for advice on how to move forward, we invest our own money, wiping club debt and investing in capital improvements. We manage all elements of the club, from greens upkeep to staff training.
  • What kind of results can a country club expect from Concert Golf Partners’ recapitalization services?
    Country clubs recapitalizing with Concert Golf experience a debt-free status with immediate access to funds to invest in capital improvement projects. After working with us, clubs experience lower membership fees, a rise in members, increased property values and more.