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The Concert Golf Way

We pride ourselves in our relentless pursuit of preserving the culture, identity and traditions that make your club unique; you’ll find little mention of Concert Golf Partners at any of our clubs. In order to improve your club for your members, we examine the holistic country club and golf experience and then execute, enriching your club and its lasting legacy.

two men fist bumping and holding golf clubs
two men fist bumping and holding golf clubs


Our mission is to preserve private clubs by investing capital to enhance amenities, service levels and the overall member experience—to build and maintain a thriving club environment for our members.

What We Do

two women playing tenis
Our Impact

We assist private clubs with recruiting and provide capital to meet their maximum potential. As part of any recapitalization, Concert Golf will request a wish list of projects to review and maintain an ongoing capital reserve to improve the club’s amenities and member experience.

man swinging his golf club over a misty course
How It Works

Our discreet recapitalization process takes as little as two to four months. The process involves drafting a formal proposal for the member board or club owner. We then encourage a research stage where the board can visit Concert’s clubs and conduct reference checks. Finally, Concert Golf presents the board with an agreement. During the transition, we carefully listen to the board by instituting a new Member Advisory Board that communicates member feedback.

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Our Expertise

At Concert Golf Partners, you get a full-service solution to help your golf club and property succeed. We use our depth of knowledge and proven methods to handle everything for you. Achieve your goals with our unmatched expertise, including golf management, financing, capital improvement and club consulting services.

Close With All Cash

After 30 days of due diligence, CGP closes all-cash from our committed funds

Member Ratify

After a thoughtful 2-3 week education process, members vote on the proposed recapitalization

Board Vetting of CGP

Reference calls and club visits are made by board members

No Lengthy Approvals

Agreements are drafted with covenants to protect members & approvals are made by CGP principals (no committees or boards)

Quick Inquiry & All-Cash Investment Proposal

CGP will seek additional information and make a decision within a week

Expedient Responses

CGP responds to club referrals within 1-2 days of receipt.

Club Recapitalization Process

Having invested in, operated or made loans on 100+ golf properties, Concert Golf Partners is proud to quickly and discreetly close golf transactions on an all-cash basis from our committed funds. Click the chart to learn more about the two-to-four-month process to becoming a CGP club.

Glen Oaks Country Club | West Des Moines, IA
Glen Oaks Country Club | West Des Moines, IA

Our Approach

Concert Golf takes a holistic approach that keeps your club’s uniqueness front and center. Whenever we work with a club, we maintain its private status and high-quality service level. Since we provide our own capital backing to fund new projects, clubs no longer have to depend on assessments and dues.