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Club Consulting and Recapitalization

Gaillardia Country Club | Oklahoma City, OK
Gaillardia Country Club | Oklahoma City, OK

The golf industry is constantly changing, making it challenging to keep up with the trends and stand out from other clubs in local markets. For a more enjoyable hospitality experience, it pays to turn to an industry expert who immerses themselves in your club’s culture and finds new ways to make it flourish. With many years of experience working with golf and country clubs, these guides come with fresh ideas and tailored knowledge. Concert Golf Partners offers our decades of experience and expertise to help clubs in every area of operation. From golf course maintenance to staff training, we have mastered every aspect of club management and governance.

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The Limitations of Traditional Club Consulting

When seeking traditional club consulting, clubs often come away with more questions than answers. Since consultants are hired only for a brief period, they tend to provide limited advice and don’t make a significant impact in the long term. Traditional golf club consulting also lacks the funding needed to pay off project debts and start funding new capital improvements.

In many cases, recapitalization is a club’s best option for lasting impacts and long-term success.

Traditional Consulting
Eliminates club debt
Offers financial advice
Funds capital improvement projects
Frees your club of financial responsibility
Provides solutions for immediate improvement
Serves as a long-term club management partner

Club Recapitalization with Concert Golf Partners

Concert Golf’s recapitalization method restructures your club’s debt to make it financially stable. This method offers a more comprehensive solution for golf and country clubs since it doesn’t require taking out a loan or assessing your members. Recapitalizing not only resolves a club’s debt; clubs also benefit from increased funding, personalized expert advice and improved operational performance. Recapitalization can help your club achieve its full potential now and tomorrow.


  • What are the benefits of country club consulting for my club?
    Country club consulting helps your club follow best industry practices and manage your talent team better. However, for even more lasting benefits, consider recapitalization, which can help clear your debt, fund capital improvements and improve your membership roster.
  • How can Concert Golf Partners help maximize the value of my country club?
    Concert Golf maintains your facilities and identifies areas that need to be upgraded. We also invest in capital improvement projects to ensure your club stays up to date with the latest amenities and continues to attract your members.
  • What solutions does Concert Golf Partners offer through recapitalization?
    When recapitalizing a club, Concert Golf offers financing, capital improvements, golf management services and more.

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