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Capital Improvements and Golf Course Renovations

Enhance your club’s appearance and member experience by investing in capital improvement projects.

Gaillardia Country Club | Oklahoma City, OK
Gaillardia Country Club | Oklahoma City, OK

Improvements and Development

Concert Golf Partners is a boutique owner-operator of private clubs that invests our own funds to ensure long-term success. Over the years, we have invested millions of dollars to help our clubs renovate existing facilities and build new amenities like luxurious pools and pickleball courts. We take a completely custom approach when improving each club, listening carefully to what members want to ensure we preserve the club’s unique culture and experience.

Why Invest in Capital Improvements

Investing in capital improvement and course renovations is vital for attracting and retaining members. A well-maintained club with regular improvements can enhance visitors’ overall golfing experience. Beyond the golf course, we invest in enhancements to the food and beverage, tennis and aquatic programs and more.

Capital improvements aren’t a one-and-done quick fix but a continuous reinvestment reaping many benefits for club members. In addition to guaranteeing the completion of initial projects, Concert Golf commits in writing to reinvest a fixed percentage of annual revenue back into the club to ensure your club remains competitive.

Our Holistic Approach to Capital Improvement

We’re committed to funding the board’s wish list items and use these as our guide when planning a club’s initial capital improvements. Unlike other golf management firms, we take a comprehensive approach to golf course renovations and capital improvements. This involves preserving the club’s traditions, history and culture in everything we do.

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The Concert Golf Difference

Our all-cash investment capabilities allow clubs to address their most pressing needs without waiting for a loan or cash flow from the members. Through recapitalization, Concert Golf is committed to retiring all club debt so our clubs can provide a predictable financial obligation for members without surprise assessments.

Why Work With Us

Our Success Stories

Philmont Country Club, a private club in the Philadelphia suburb of Huntington Valley, wanted to invest in impactful projects, like renovating their golf course, without assessing their members. With Concert Golf, the club could invest in improvements that would modernize their facilities.

After investing over $5 million into the Philmont Country Club, Concert Golf:

  • Updated the golf course
  • Added a state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Built a new restaurant venue
  • Resurfaced the Olympic-sized pool
  • Created a new stone patio overlooking the 18th green
  • Renovated the golf shop and locker rooms

“Word has spread about the club’s significant makeover, and we are happily welcoming new members, as well as returning former members. They are discovering today’s enhanced lifestyle experiences.”

Rick Burkardt, Former General Manager at Philmont Country Club


  • What are golf course renovations and why are they important?
    Golf course renovations are a series of activities that help promote progress and efficient golf operations. Some examples include updating the drainage system, renovating the course and improving the pathways. Golf course renovations helps ensure members have an enjoyable experience when they step onto the greens and can continue enjoying an attractive landscape and a fair level of play.
  • How does Concert Golf Partners ensure the success of capital improvement projects?
    To ensure successful club capital improvement projects, we first meet with an appointed member advisory board to understand the club’s priorities. We then use the insights gained from working with other clubs to identify the best way to bring their wish list items to fruition. Concert Golf also employs experienced experts to oversee all projects to ensure they are completed on time and within budget, with minimal disruption to the club experience.
  • How does Concert Golf Partners prioritize capital improvement projects at golf courses?
    As part of each recapitalization, Concert Golf commits to funding and completing a list of initial capital projects within a determined period. These project priorities come from feedback from the member advisory board and through responses from membership surveys.
  • How does Concert Golf Partners handle project management for golf course renovation projects?
    When working on golf course renovation projects, Concert Golf assesses how the club’s physical property operates so we can better understand the life cycle expectations for buildings and equipment. We also gather insights from board members to account for their needs and wants.

Reach Your Club’s Full Potential with Concert Golf Partners

Renovating and adding new amenities to your club increases member satisfaction now and tomorrow. Concert Golf’s holistic approach to capital improvements ensures your club’s legacy lives on while avoiding additional debt. Ready to take the leap and make your dream country club a reality? Speak with us today to see how you can start addressing your wish list project items.

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