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Financing for Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Benefits of Recapitalization

Clubs experience financial stability and freedom from debt when they recapitalize with Concert Golf. Our all-cash investment ensures the necessary funds are available to maintain operations and invest in new projects. Having invested in, operated and made loans on over 100 golf properties, Concert Golf is experienced in building vibrant club communities.

Concert offers financial advice and consulting for clubs looking to overcome high-interest bank debt or other financial challenges. We also offer funding for existing debt, operational fees and capital improvement projects.

Some benefits of recapitalizing with Concert include:

No more assessments

Part of the recapitalization agreement prohibits any further member assessments. This means your club no longer has to depend on the wallets of its members, preventing them from becoming dissatisfied and leaving your club.

Debt-free status

Unlike traditional financing, which leaves you with lingering debt, Concert Golf Partners will pay off all your club’s debt. Not only will this give your club financial freedom, but it also frees up money to invest in capital improvements.

Capital support for new projects

Concert Golf Partners will invest in restoring and building new amenities to keep your club up-to-date and competitive. This ranges from maintaining the golf course conditions to building a new pool deck or dining area and more.

Guidance in best financial practices for golf clubs

Our team of experts applies their financial knowledge to ensure your club succeeds for many generations. While traditional financing may offer one-off solutions, Concert Golf Partners provides ongoing support.

Traditional Financing
Funded by owner-operator
Funded by member assessments
No, but pressure to accept outside play
Market rate
Sometimes above market rate
Restructured or eliminated completely
Often promised but not sustainable
Owner-operator managed with guidance from a Member Advisory Board
country club pool
country club pool

Initial Capital Project Wish List

Whether a club needs to renovate an existing dining room or wishes to build a new pickleball court, Concert Golf is committed to making that dream a reality. We’ll determine the capital projects to prioritize by conducting membership surveys and having open discussions with appointed representatives on the member advisory board.

Capital Improvements

Golf Course Development with Concert Golf Partners

Concert Golf has years of experience and success in golf course development. After we renovated MacGregor Downs Country Club’s golf course and built a new enclosed 19th-hole patio veranda, the club’s total revenue increased by 28 percent.

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A Track Record of Success

Since 2011, we’ve worked with clubs nationwide looking to gain financial freedom. Many of our clubs previously struggled with recessions, bank debts, decreasing memberships and aging facilities, and were at a loss for solutions. After recapitalization, these clubs are now debt-free, with membership fees lowered to the market equivalent.

Why Concert Golf?


  • How does Concert Golf Partners approach golf course financing?
    Concert Golf first focuses on clearing all debt. We then set aside a fixed percentage of the annual revenue to invest in capital improvement projects like renovating the course. As a well-funded firm, we invest in clubs across the country and fund projects that will help them excel long-term.
  • How does Concert Golf Partners support course development and capital improvements?
    Concert Golf first surveys the golf course and speaks with club members to determine where to focus our initial efforts. Then we begin funding the club’s major wish list projects. We also invest in renovations for existing amenities and construct new ones. Combined, these methods help revitalize the club and enhance membership.
  • What kind of clubs does Concert Golf Partners typically work with?
    Concert Golf works with all kinds of premier private country clubs across the country. These include clubs with award-winning architects, top-rated golf courses and a history of hosting championships.

Take Your Club to New Heights with Concert Golf Partners

Recapitalizing with Concert Golf allows your club to pay off debt and dedicate the time and resources needed to build an improved club experience. Country clubs who vote in favor of recapitalizing with us can say goodbye to dreaded assessments and get the expert advice they need for success. Schedule a free consultation to see if recapitalization is right for your club.

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