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Concert Cares

Concert Cares

Back in September 2022, Hurricane Ian took a devastating path through southwest and central Florida, causing major destruction in its wake. Floods and power outages were widespread throughout these communities, leaving many without a safe place to shelter. In times like these, communities come together to support the repairs, restoration and efforts of our first responders.

Concert Golf Partners committed to raising funds to support these communities and their first responders during disaster relief efforts over the coming days and weeks. To help our neighbors, we launched our Concert Cares initiative, where we matched every dollar of support from our membership to assist in these efforts across the affected areas.

Concert Golf Cares + World Central Kitchen

Our members displayed incredible generosity, collectively donating over $70,000. Through the initiative, Concert Golf matched all donations dollar for dollar, bringing the total to over $150,000.

After raising these funds, Concert Golf’s VP of Operations Chris Watkins visited World Central Kitchen headquarters in Washington, D.C., to present them with $50,000 to assist in their continued support to the affected communities. World Central Kitchen is an organization that is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to communities in crisis and on the scene days before the hurricane made its way on land.

Like their neighbors, several Concert Golf Partners employees experienced damage to their homes, and their hardship did not go unnoticed. The remaining $100,000 was distributed equally amongst the affected team members. Thanks to your support, this season was a bit brighter for those recovering from this massive storm.