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White Manor Country Club Logo
Malvern, PA

White Manor Country Club

White Manor, a historic golf club dating back to 1711, is home to one of the country’s most stunning and demanding courses designed by Bobby Weed. The club boasts an active membership that relishes a full range of country club experiences, from relaxed to sophisticated.


White Manor Country Club’s Partnership with Concert Golf

The partnership with Concert Golf Partners accomplished the wish list from the board and members:
Paid off more than $5 million of bank debt

  • Lowered member due rates by 10-15 percent and then limited future dues increases
  • Barred any future assessments forever on the membership
  • Invested more than $1 million into immediate capital projects at the club
  • Resolved the refundable member bonds

A Boon to Membership

  • Golf members no longer were responsible for paying the extra $1,620 annual “debt assessment” at The Manor. With dues rates back down at market levels and with a written guarantee of no more assessments ever again.
  • The Manor’s membership director could bring in lots of new members. Former members rejoined and with the help of current members, the club attracted a strong influx of new members. Total membership grew from 324 to 478 members in just two years, a 47 percent increase.

White Manor After Recapitalization

Today, White Manor Country Club is debt-free, generating more than $3.5 million in dues income and $7 million in total revenues. This is allowing the club to reinvest in additional capital projects to maintain The Manor as an upscale private club in a highly affluent area. White Manor is cultivating a new era that is a perfect fit for the modern family. The club warmly embraces its historic roots, but members and the community now look to its future with a renewed vibrancy and vision.