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East Norwich, NY

The Muttontown Club

The Muttontown Club boasts one of the most distinguished golf courses on Long Island. Designed by the prolific Alfred H. Tull, the course opened its doors in 1962 and stands among his numerous creations in the eastern United States, including Bethpage’s Blue and Yellow tracks. Alongside its 18-hole golf course, the club offers tennis courts, a fitness center, an expansive pool, and a kid’s playground complete with a water slide.


The Muttontown Club’s Partnership with Concert Golf

Concert Golf Partner immediately made good on their promised capital improvement projects, initiating projects including:

  • Bunker, tee box and greens renovations
  • A cocktail lounge
  • Renovation of the driving range
  • Pool deck surface repairs
  • Parking lot repairs
  • HVAC repairs
  • Boiler replacement
  • Roof repairs and other necessary repairs to enhance the club’s appearance

Successful Recapitalization

Concert Golf Partners worked with the Board and club staff on the transition during December 2017. No immediate changes were made, other than paying off the bank loans and starting the promised capital projects. With $850,000 of annual bank payments gone, cash flow was much improved.

In early 2018, Concert Golf announced new membership dues pricing–with sizeable price reductions in several categories to adjust to local market prices. A small cadre of members who were in the $30,000-dues-or-bust camp was not in favor, and some of them left Muttontown. Quickly, membership sales activity picked up. Locals who had heard about the club’s debt, high due rates and frequent assessments now gave the club a fresh look.

Record Membership

Just two years later, the results are in: 110+ net new members were added to Muttontown’s roster. Membership median age has dropped by 10 years. Many younger members and their families are using all aspects of the club. Mutton Club has become a progressive, diverse, family-oriented resort-style private country club. The social calendar at the club is packed with new activities–along with the old traditions that have, as promised, been kept. With all the cash flow coming in through new memberships, some additional golf course and clubhouse renovations are being planned. And best of all, the club president is enjoying his club again–and not getting calls at all hours from bank officers and complaining members.