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Evergreen, CO

The Hiwan Golf Club

The Hiwan Golf Club is best known for its 18-hole Press Maxwell Championship golf course. Hiwan Golf Club was founded in 1962 and has a rich history of golf tradition. Many of the biggest names of golf and former U.S. Presidents have walked its fairways, and it’s been home to major Championships, including the Junior America’s Cup and Colorado Open. In addition to its famed golf course, Hiwan Golf Club boasts an array of amenities including a resort-style pool, fitness center, five tennis courts, two pickleball courts and a golf simulator.


The Hiwan Golf Club’s Partnership with Concert Golf

The Hiwan Golf Club recapitalized with Concert Golf when they realized the next generation of owners wasn’t interested in managing the club. Since committing to Hiwan Golf Club, Concert Golf has identified several capital improvement projects totaling more than $2 million and will begin making improvements immediately.

“Both new and existing members are eager to see our vision unfold in the coming years, as are the former owners–who will remain honorary members of the club. After decades of committed stewardship, being able to enjoy the club while simply leaving the capital funding and governance responsibilities to an experienced operator was quite appealing to the family,”

said Matthew Hobbins, Vice President at Concert Golf Partners.

Hobbins continued, “…early on, the Hiwan ownership group was clear about their key objectives in any potential transaction:

  • Commitment to and further development of the staff
  • Significant capital investment to elevate the club and accelerate the desired long-term strategic plan

…we’re thrilled to have earned the trust of the family to help write the next chapter of the club’s story.”

Immediate Impact

Through partnering with Concert Golf, Hiwan Golf Club could:

  • Invest more than $2 million in immediate capital projects at the club
  • Have access to over 600 properties worldwide
  • Pay off all club debt
  • Enjoy a calendar full of family-friendly events

Capital Improvements

Over $2 million of capital improvements began in the fall of 2022. So far, Concert Golf has begun renovating the Clubhouse, which they expect to finish in the spring of 2023.