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Raleigh, NC

MacGregor Downs Country Club

Founded in 1967, MacGregor Downs Country Club is a historic private club with a magnificent three-story clubhouse that boasts the charm and ambiance of an ancient Scottish lodge. Overlooking Lake MacGregor and the golf course, the club played host to the PGA Professional Match Play Championship in 1973 and continues to be ranked among North Carolina’s top 25 golf courses.


MacGregor Downs Country Club’s Partnership with Concert Golf

Thanks to its 2014 partnership with Concert Golf, MacGregor Downs could:

  • Pay off all club debt
  • Freeze annual dues rates and cap future dues increases
  • Bar any future assessments on the membership
  • Invest over $4 million into immediate capital projects at the club
  • Repay the club’s refundable member bonds
  • Make the largest one-year climb in the North Carolina golf course rankings

Capital Improvements

MacGregor Downs also preserved its Scottish culture and traditions with Concert Golf Partners, instead of losing its unique identity in a typical “sale” transaction to a corporate owner. Concert Golf Partners immediately undertook several long-deferred capital projects at MacGregor Downs Country Club:

  • A fully renovated golf course
  • A new outdoor enclosed 19th Hole patio veranda
  • Clubhouse renovations, including the banquet room and locker rooms

A Transformative Experience

Total membership grew from 636 to 811 members by 2018, and after several price increases, the club’s annual initiation fee revenues had more than doubled. There is now a waitlist for golf memberships at MacGregor Downs, and membership levels are back to what they were before the recession. Total revenues have surpassed $7 million annually, up 28 percent since the Concert Golf recapitalization in 2014. Strong annual profits allow the club to reinvest in more capital projects each year to serve the growing membership.

Even a well-managed equity club in a fast-growing area can benefit from an infusion of capital and professional management. Just ask the leadership at MacGregor Downs CC in Cary, North Carolina. “Our only mistake was not doing this 10 years earlier.”

“Great progress is being made at our historically member-owned club, since we voted to recapitalize the club with Concert Golf. Even the doubters are now believers.”

Dan Hartnett, Board Member