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Boston, MA

Blue Hill Country Club

Nestled in the Boston suburb of Canton, Blue Hill Country Club boasts a rich 90-year history. It played host to the 1956 PGA Championship and was a stop on the LPGA tour in the 1990s. The 27-hole course was designed by Donald Ross protégé Skip Wogan and restored in 2003 by Ron Prichard, a specialist in Ross restorations. Known for its exceptional parkland design, Blue Hill Country Club is considered one of the finest golf courses in New England.


Blue Hill Country Club’s Partnership with Concert Golf

After initially bringing in Troon Golf for golf management help, Blue Hill Country Club sought help from Concert Golf Partners to eliminate their debt and address their capital projects.

“This partnership with Concert Golf ended our debt challenges, and ended our long-standing internal debates about funding capital projects with member assessments,” said former Blue Hill Country Club President Jim Marano, who led the 2015 effort to recapitalize. “Just after announcing the deal, we saw a significant uptick in membership applications at Blue Hill.”

Immediate Impact:

Thanks to a partnership with Concert Golf, Blue Hill Country Club could:

  • Pay off all club debt
  • Lower annual dues by 30 percent
  • Bar any future assessments on the membership
  • Invest more than $3 million into immediate capital projects at the club
  • Resolve the club’s refundable bonds
  • Earn recognition from the community as financially healthy and vibrant again

Blue Hill Country Club also preserved the 9-hole short golf course with Concert Golf Partners, instead of losing the land to real estate developers. The members strongly favored preserving their entire club and retaining all 27 holes — and so they unanimously selected Concert Golf, who put that preservation in writing.

Capital Improvements

Dues immediately returned to market levels, with a written guarantee of no more assessments ever again. Once a club’s combination of dues and assessments makes the monthly bill out of the market with other area clubs, it becomes difficult to attract new members at the higher price point—and the member attrition also rises. It’s a vicious cycle, and the only solution is to pay off the debt and re-set a club’s dues at market levels. Blue Hill Country Club members could end the cycle and start anew with a healthy financial outlook with Concert Golf Partners.
Soon after the partnership with Concert Golf was announced, many former members — who left the club in the last few years due to the uncertainty — asked if they could come back to Blue Hill Country Club. Total membership grew from 331 to 458 members in the first year alone, a 38 percent increase. Members today continue to join the club, and membership levels are back to what they once were before the recession.
Still rich in tradition, Blue Hill Country Club is cultivating a new era perfect for the modern family. The club warmly embraces its near century-old roots, but members now look to its future with a renewed vibrancy and vision.