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Boynton Beach, FL

Indian Spring Country Club

Indian Spring Country Club is a leading 36-hole formerly member-owned private club in the relaxed seaside town of Boynton Beach, Florida. The club features two championship golf courses, a modern 52,000-square-foot Clubhouse with a 450-person dining room and a fitness center.

Indian Spring Clubhouse

Indian Spring Country Club’s Partnership with Concert Golf

  • Indian Spring Country Club in Boynton Beach faced a common problem for club housing communities: residents were aging, club membership was dwindling, but maintenance costs and debt payments remained ongoing.
  • Some communities, such as the Fountains Country Club near Lake Worth, the President Country Club in West Palm Beach, and Polo Trace near Delray Beach, have courted real estate developers willing to buy some or all of their golf courses, as a solution to their club’s money problems.
  • Sometimes clubs make deals at the 11th hour with little leverage. In other cases, members spend years fighting among themselves over whether to sell their club or its golf course — or hold out for a miracle that can preserve the status quo.
  • At Indian Spring, the club’s leaders and its members did something different. They decided to be proactive. In 2017, club members voted 221-2 to sell the country club to Concert Golf Partners.
  • It’s a satisfying end to a long-troubling problem, and Indian Spring resident and Former Club President Bill Aronson, who for years has wanted a long-term club plan, is proud of the result.