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Board Diversity and Navigating Club Health 

Board Chat — Board Diversity and Navigating Club Health 

Get an insider’s view into the intricate world of club management and board structures with Jordan Peace and Christian Dunn from Concert Golf Partners. We’ll dissect the art of finding that delicate balance in board size – not too cumbersome to slow down decision-making, yet not too small to limit representation. We’ll also crack the code on the secret sauce that makes an executive committee efficient and influential in shaping unanimous decisions.

We’ll share valuable insights on how to assess board health, the hunt for committed individuals ready to serve voluntarily, and the absolute necessity for board members to mirror your club and its members.

Finally, we’ll dig even deeper, exploring what it really means to foster a healthy club environment. You’ll discover the pivotal role of clear leadership, agreement on governance style, and the ongoing monitoring of your club’s overall health. Plus, we’ll let you in on effective club management strategies like proactive feedback collection, understanding financial health, and leadership visibility.

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