• Peter Nanula: Top 10 Myths of Private Clubs
  • Peter Nanula: Golf Isn't Dying, Just Some of its Older Ways.

  • Peter Nanula: Most Private Clubs Need Fresh Equity Capital.

16. Golf Club of Amelia Island: GM and Head Pro on Building a Stable Team

Dave DeMay & Jason Hill

15. Club Shares Lessons Learned on Due Diligence and Member Communications

Bill Trent, Plantation Golf & Country Club

14. Agronomy Tips for Greens Committee Members

Golf Maintenance Solutions

13. Does Your Club Have Too Many Holes or Excess Land?

Jonathan Grebow and Mike Plotnick, Ridgewood Real Estate

12. Club Members and Staff Enjoy Continuity at Concert Golf's Sand Creek CC

Kyle Lundy and Debbie Owens

11. Palm Beach Club Solves Debt, Rising Dues and Excess Real Estate Issues

Jeff Hamburger and Paul Napieralski, Fountains CC

10. Philadelphia Club Secures Its Future with Fresh Capital

John Palumbo and Larry Borowsky White Manor CC

9. Real Estate Lessons

Russ Curtis, MacGregor Downs CC

8. Board Chooses Recapitalization Over Real Estate Development

Ron Schulman, Indian Spring CC

7. Women Club Leaders Reenergize Their Clubs

Megan Putnam, Heathrow CC & Jodi Myers, MacGregor Downs CC

6. Top Superintendents Enjoy Having Capital and Autonomy

Jason Adams, Superintendent, Blue Hill CC

5. Club Staff Loves Fresh Capital, Easier Decision-Making with Professional Ownership

Russ Curtis & Cricket Russell, MacGregor Downs CC

4. The Downside of Capital Assessments

Michael Sommers, West Lake CC

3. Debt-Free and New Capital Improvements in Only 4 Months

Rich High, Crestview CC

2. The Board Asks "Why Are We an Equity Club?"

Dan Hartnett, MacGregor Downs CC

1. Recapitalizing to Pay Off Debt and Get Immediate Capital Project Funding

Tim Nelson, Blue Hill CC

Board Chats - Episode 16

Case Studies: Preserving & Enhancing Private Clubs

Member-owned clubs often wonder what happens in a recapitalized club. Working together with our members, Concert Golf Partners clubs consistently thrive. Membership rosters increase, new amenities are added, new capital improvement investments are made, and the level of service and course conditions improve. Learn more about these clubs and their members' journeys to finding long-term security for their club.

MacGregor Downs Country Club / Cary, NC
Low-Debt Club with Growing Membership Chooses to Bring in a Capital Partner

For five consecutive years, MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary, North Carolina, enjoyed net membership growth. The average member age was declining, and nearly 700 kids of the club's members were enjoying the club's offerings. It had almost zero debt and was located in one of America's fastest-growing cities. It hosted a PGA Tour event and numerous USGA qualifiers. So why would members overwhelmingly choose to bring in a capital partner to enhance their beloved club and top-notch golf course?
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White Manor Country Club / Malvern, PA
Paying off debt, Funding capital projects, Barring assessments forever and Lowering dues

White Manor Country Club is part of a rich history that's unlike any other golf and country club in the United States. Nearly three centuries ago, in 1711, nearly 170 acres of magnificent, rolling panorama were part of a 500-acre tract of land granted by William Penn to the Evans family. In 1962, that beautiful hunt country land became White Manor Country Club. Today, WMCC boasts one of the country's most beautiful and challenging golf courses, so it is hard to imagine that this highly admired, upscale club faced operational and financial challenges that put the club's future at risk.
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Blue Hill Country Club / Canton, Mass.
Paying off debt, Funding capital projects and Lowering member dues

For nearly a century, one of New England's most cherished private golf clubs has offered a lifestyle experience unsurpassed in the Boston area. So it is hard to imagine that Blue Hill Country Club, an upscale club in the affluent area of Canton, Massachusetts, was once recently in jeopardy.
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