We have very specific investment parameters, and can quickly assess whether your club or loan is a good fit for us.

  • Existing golf clubs with at least $4 million in annual revenues
  • 1 million+ population in the metro area
  • Private clubs only
  • Performing or non-performing loans secured by these kinds of golf properties

Deal Process

Having invested in, operated or made loans on 100+ golf properties, we pride ourselves on quickly and discreetly closing golf transactions on an all-cash basis from our committed funds.

  • We respond to information about your club within 1-2 days of receipt
  • We will make a quick inquiry for additional information
  • We will submit an all-cash investment proposal within a week, or a quick “no” if your situation doesn’t fit our parameters
  • We have no lengthy committee or board level approvals - we are the principals
  • We only require 30 days for due diligence and 5 days to close
  • We close all-cash from our committed funds – we do not utilize debt financing or raise capital
  • We are discreet – many golf club or note owners prefer a quiet process with no disruption to the members or the club operations